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While you study at INTO Marshall and Marshall University, there may come a time you’d like to have extra help or advice with course work. There are many resources available at the INTO Marshall Center and all across campus. Whether you’re looking for help writing a paper, studying for a test or preparing for TOEFL, GRE or GMAT tests, we've got you covered.

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The INTO Marshall Center's friendly staff can assist you with any academic needs. Visit the Learning Resource Center (LRC), located inside INTO Marshall, to access English language materials such as vocabulary software, laptops, DVDs, novels, textbooks and more.

Throughout the campus you'll find a range of resources. Libraries, the Writing Center, the Tutoring Center and the Student Resource Center are also available to INTO Marshall students.

How we support you

Caring instructors 

Our instructors are passionate about giving you the best educational experience possible. Small class sizes allow each instructor to give you individual attention. Your instructors will know you by name and  do everything they can to help you succeed. 

Feel free to ask questions anytime, inside or outside of the classroom. Discussions during class time are welcome and help you get to know your classmates while sharing opinions and ideas.

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We’re committed to helping talented and ambitious international students achieve their goals of studying at a world-class US university. Last year, we invested over $600,000 in scholarships to help international students like you succeed at Marshall.

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