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Study an undergraduate or Master’s degree at Nankai University in China

Your degree from prestigious Nankai University will be highly regarded by future employers. The University is ranked 11th in China (Netbig Rankings) and in the top 150 worldwide (Times Higher Education).

Let us help you to become part of the distinguished Nankai alumni which includes two Nobel Prize winners and the first premier of China, Zhou Enlai.

The University has a strong reputation for research and is a member of the 211 and 985 groups, attracting investment and improvements to establish a select group of China’s world-competing elite universities.

Not yet sure about your future career? A degree from Nankai University shows your dedication to achieve ambitious study goals.

Join the 1,000-strong international student cohort at Nankai University.

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Globally ranked

Nankai University is an equivalent 'Ivy-league' institution in China. The University ranks highly for its School of Business and its prestigious reputation is known on an international scale.

Rudi from France
"Tianjin is very different, it's exactly the change I was looking for. Chinese people are very curious about foreigners and are so friendly. It’s easy to build friendships here." Rudi from France