Nankai students playing volleyball

Campus life

Everything you need on campus

The campus is so vast, it feels like a small town in itself. You’ll find everything you need to make friends and settle in to life in China. It’s not just the sports halls, canteens, clubs and societies. There are great people you can rely on too. We’ll make sure you know your way around campus and find clubs that interest you, so you can make connections with likeminded people as soon as you’re ready.

Global faith support

Tianjin is a diverse city and this is reflected in the range of places of worship you’ll find in the area. You’ll soon become familiar with the Xikai catholic church, a landmark right in the heart of Tianjin’s shopping district. There aren’t any spaces for religious practice on campus, but we can show you where local churches, mosques and temples can be found. There is a thriving expat community at local places of worship. This is a great way to make friends and meet people outside of your studies.

Sport for everyone

There’s a huge choice of sports to enjoy on campus. You’ll find an Olympic-size swimming pool, modern gym, running track, basketball and soccer courts. There are over 100 tennis, table tennis and badminton courts. Excellent martial arts groups can be found on campus, including Kung Fu. If it all sounds exhausting, you can have a go at Tai Chi. The traditional Chinese exercise promotes serenity and inner peace through breathing and gentle movement. Sounds good for exam season! You’ll spot large groups practicing every morning out on campus and absolute beginners are welcome. If you’d rather leave your gym kit at home, you can join in the fun with the crowd at the large sports stadium.

Tolu, Nigeria
"Sometimes I stay after class to use the University’s facilities and study in the classrooms instead of my room. I also go to the gym on campus which is really nice and membership is very cheap." Tolu, Nigeria