Student accommodation for Newton A level students

High-quality accommodation makes it easier to focus on your studies and enjoy student life. That’s one of the reasons why Newton students thrive during their A levels.

Located in the same building as the INTO University of East Anglia study center, the student residences are just a two-minute walk from classes. And with 24/7 on-site support, regular wellbeing checks, a meal plan and housekeeping also included, you’ll feel as supported here as you are at home.

Feel safe and supported in your home 
away from home 
96% of students feel safe and secure living at INTO UEA  
(INTO Annual Student Experience Survey 2022)

Expert support for under 18s

Students under the age of 18 live in a dedicated under 18s area in our accommodation block with additional security and a nightly curfew procedure. You’ll be supported all year round by our safeguarding-trained staff, including:

  • Dedicated Under 18 Welfare team
  • 24/7 reception team with phoneline
  • Personal Tutor for academic guidance
INTO resident room
INTO residences

With meal plan

Private bedroom with ensuite shower room. Two meals each day in the on-site restaurant.

Typical cost: £266 per week

Walk to class: 2 minutes

Dine in our on-site international INTO Café

Eat well throughout the year in our on-site restaurant. As a Newton A level student, you’ll enjoy two meals each day here as part of your meal plan, with the option to purchase further meals too. This means you don’t need to worry about cooking regularly for yourself – we’ll cook your meals for you!

The restaurant refreshes its menu weekly and caters to all dietary requirements, including halal, vegetarian and vegan diets. The meals served are tasty, nutritionally balanced and will help you to stay healthy and alert in class, such as:

  • Stir fries, such as chop suey
  • Thai, Japanese and Indian curries
  • Battered fish or burgers and chips
  • Pasta, lasagna and risotto
  • Soups, such as tom yum soup

“Everyone lives close together in the INTO Center”

“If you ever felt lonely or bored, you could always find someone to hang out with. This also meant it was easy to study with classmates too, without having to travel anywhere.”

Jay, South Korea

A* A* A* A* in A levels --> Medicine at the University of Birmingham

Ryan, Malaysia

“An inclusive and friendly environment”

“The Social and Welfare Officers ensure all students adapt to life in Norwichsmoothly and the Student Wardens also help you adapt to living independently. It’s another level of personal support.”

Ryan, Malaysia

A* A* A* A in A levels --> Medicine at University College Dublin

“I chose Newton because of the excellent support”

“The Social and Welfare Officers are very caring and would always check in about my wellbeing. During the holidays, they would even organize fun events to make sure we had time out from our studies.”

Emily, Hong Kong

A* A* A* A* in A levels --> Medicine at UEA