Who will my teachers be on the Newton Programme?

The teachers on the Newton Programme have a wealth of academic and industry experience in a range of subject areas. Find out about some of our teachers below.

Who is my first contact if I have a question?

You will receive a Personal Tutor during your first week on the Newton Programme. This will be the person you can go to for academic or personal advice. No matter how big or small the problem is, your Personal Tutor will be there to support you and help to resolve any issues that may arise. They will also:

  • meet with you for tutorials throughout the year
  • help you to settle into the academic community
  • communicate your academic progress and provide you with guidance
  • be available to meet during set office hours or by appointment
  • refer you to appropriate sources of academic or welfare support

Other academic support for Newton students includes:

  • test preparation for your university admissions process
  • enhancement activities for students applying to medical schools, such as weekly Medical Ethics workshops
  • study skills programme to help you develop effective study techniques, including organisational skills, planning and time management
  • a range of academic enrichment activities to reinforce your theoretical knowledge and develop your awareness of topics outside of the A level syllabus, such as educational trips, competitions and real-world experience