English as a Second Language (ESL) programs


Our teachers want you to succeed

Small class sizes of 20 students or less allow you to receive individual attention from our highly qualified instructors. They know first-hand the challenges of studying in a new environment, as many of them have studied abroad themselves. Even better, all of our INTO instructors are Oregon State University faculty. They have experience conducting scholarly research, traveling abroad and working in their field.

Greg Wilson

Ernesto Hernandez

Academic English Instructor

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Academic English Instructor Ernesto Hernandez has over eight years of experience teaching English, and he's spent the last four at INTO OSU. What inspired him to become an ESL teacher?

"I knew early on that I would be a good language teacher because of my own personal language-learning experiences. I also wanted to travel and live in other countries, so I figured this would be one way I could experience other cultures and countries - and be able to do something that I truly enjoy!" 

Ernesto says that studying a new language takes time and commitment. And what's the best advice he can give to students learning a English as a second language?

"Studying any language is an incredible challenge. But, ultimately it is very rewarding because it opens up a whole new way of thinking and interacting with the world. It takes a lot of hard work, time, patience, and dedication to be a successful speaker and user of a second language"

Don't worry, Ernesto, and teachers like him, are here to support you as you improve your English and start your degree studies.

Mary Hughes

Mary Hughes

ESL Instructor, General English Program

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If you are coming to INTO OSU to study General English, then Mary Hughes will most likely be one of your instructors. She teaches Listening, Speaking and Vocabulary Level 1 Reading and Writing Level 2. With 17 years of experience, Mary understands the challenges students face when learning a new language. Here's how she handles students who struggle in her class:

"Low-level students may be reluctant to come and see me on their own. So I schedule conferences with all of my students at least once throughout the term. We talk about their progress, discuss their strengths and what they need to do to improve. I remind them about the learning strategies we talked about in class and ask them to come up with a concrete study plan. I make sure they know when I am available and that they know what other extra help is available." 

Helping students successfully through the learning journey is a strong skill of Mary's. And what does she enjoy most about it all?

"I really enjoy teaching and interacting with students. They make me want to come to work every day! They challenge me into finding ways to help them learn better and ways to present the material so that it's meaningful to them. Through our time together, I also enjoy learning of their cultures and backgrounds."