Supporting you in your day-to-day life

INTO Oregon State University is dedicated to helping you adjust as quickly as possible to life in the US. With organized events like International Student Orientation, weekend excursions, and online virtual events, you'll make new friends and adjust well to the US lifestyle. We also have language advisors, Health Services, Public Safety and Visa and Immigration support to help you with a variety of matters.

Help in your academic life

Both INTO OSU and OSU staff are available to provide you with academic support. The INTO Learning Center is your one-stop shop where you can find our friendly academic support staff and helpful resources.

Once you have progressed to your OSU degree you will still have a lot of support available to you on campus. You can make appointments or drop in for help with assignments in a variety of subjects at the Academic Success Center, the Writing Center, the Collaborative Learning Center or the Math Learning Center.

Your life at OSU

We’re here to support you with more than academics and can provide you with social and culture assistance as well. Come to the INTO OSU Center to hang out with other international students, to speak to a counselor or to get help with housing and dining. Looking for more social options? Practice English with your peers, staff and faculty and get to know friends in your program. You can also check out off-campus cultural events throughout the city with other students.