Why study finance at Oregon State University?

When you delve into the world of finance, you will be working to create endless strategies. From accounting, risk assessment and financial planning, OSU's finance program will open doors for you to explore a variety of career paths.

  • OSU’s reputable College of Business is home to finance programs that are part of the Chartered Financial Analyst. Through your studies, you will gain the tools to prepare for careers in banking, accountancy, analytics, management and more.
  • Join OSU’s student-led Investment Group where you will work with a team to analyze and manage financial portfolios. Here, you will not only gain first-hand investment work, but you will network with businesses and create connections before you graduate.
  • If you are interested in anything from banking to financial markets, take advantage of Oregon State’s finance club and collaborate with fellow finance students. Here, you will work together to develop skills in trading and making investments.

Program choices

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