Why study sciences at Oregon State University?

Studying the sciences at OSU means that your learning experiences will go beyond the classroom, working with researchers to create solutions to solve critical problems across the globe.

  • The College of Science is home to a world of research that takes place in all aspects of the field. From marine biology to microbiology to zoology, OSU's portfolio of programs can serve those looking at combating deforestation to those who want to make more of microscopic cell interactions. Here, students and faculty have worked on developing the works of energy conservation, ecosystem survival, healthy aging and clean water supplies.
  • Students from OSU’s College of Science have achieved great things by preparing for the working world before graduation. Take advantage of the Science Professional Pursuits Program where you can build your own professional persona with one-on-one and online guidance from mentors in the field.
  • OSU’s alumni have worked towards invaluable climate research, the development of genetic code expansion and creating a peer-to-peer learning network. At OSU, you can become part of a community that passionately engages with science and makes an impact.

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