Student support at INTO Queen’s University Belfast

Moving to Belfast to study is the start of a new adventure – but you’ll probably have a few questions once you get here. Whether you need help planning a trip to the Giant’s Causeway, understanding your timetable or opening a bank account, there’s someone at the INTO Center to offer advice.

Our dedicated Student Services team, based in the INTO Center, really care about your wellbeing - going above and beyond to support you, so you can focus on your studies.

Once you progress to your degree, the International Student Support team at Queen’s University Belfast will look after you. They’ll offer support and guidance to help you settle in to life at university.

What will happen during my first week at INTO Queen’s?

In your first week at the Center, we run an induction program where you’ll get to know your new classmates, teachers and support staff. Over the course of the week, we’ll:

  • offer expert visa support
  • help you register your details with the police
  • show you how to open a bank account
  • make sure you are registered with a doctor and dentist
  • teach you about the British legal system
  • organise trips and activities around Belfast.

We'll also provide you with a 24-hour emergency helpline telephone number, just in case you need us.

Where can I ask for help with my work?

The teachers at INTO Queen’s are friendly, knowledgeable and care about your success – so they’ll be more than happy to advise if you need any help. At the beginning of your course you’ll meet your Personal Tutor, who you can approach with any academic questions or personal issues throughout your time with INTO. They’ll help you settle in, will monitor your academic progress, and can refer you for additional support if you need it.

Who can help me if my English level is low?

If you have a lower level of English, or are struggling to communicate, our specialist Language Advisers are available to help you. There is also a dedicated Chinese Language Support Officer who provides extra support to Chinese-speaking students. If you need it, you’ll also have access to individual or group lessons, online support, revision sessions and one-to-one English teaching at an additional cost.

How will INTO Queen’s support me with day-to-day life?

At the INTO Queen’s University Belfast Study Center, you’ll find our friendly Student Services team who will help you throughout your studies. You’ll have access to a range of excellent services, such as:

  • visa workshops for help with renewing or extending your visa
  • a dedicated Placement and Progression team to support you in ensuring you progress to your chosen degree
  • 24-hour support from residential advisors in the accommodation
  • a 24-hour emergency contact number
  • a careers team who will help you find a part-time job
  • opportunity to attend regular networking events with academics at Queen’s
  • a confidential counselling service
  • language advisers who can translate for you
  • a regular social program to ensure you have to opportunity to meet people, see new things and make friends
  • helpful advice from Belfast locals
  • additional support if you have a disability.