Who are my teachers at INTO Queen's?

Your teachers at INTO Queen’s University Belfast care about your progress, and have years of experience teaching students just like you. They are friendly and approachable, and always have your best interests at heart – understanding your needs as an international student and taking time to make sure that nothing is lost in translation.

Your teachers will make sure that you’re ready to progress to your degree at Queen’s University Belfast by giving you the best possible experience at INTO. This will include:

  • modern, interactive classroom, laboratory and multimedia computer facilities
  • a university-style approach to teaching subjects in the center’s lecture theater
  • small class sizes of no more than 16 students for English language teaching.

Will I be assigned a Personal Tutor?

At the beginning of your course you’ll be assigned a Personal Tutor, and during your first week you'll get to meet them. Your Personal Tutor will:

  • meet with you for tutorials throughout the year
  • help you to settle into the academic community
  • communicate your academic progress and provide you with guidance
  • be available to meet during set office hours or by appointment
  • refer you to appropriate sources of academic or welfare support.

Other support includes:

  • language advisers to help you with English
  • math support sessions are provided at a Drop-In Clinic where you’ll be able to review questions and examples
  • a weekly helpdesk session where you can ask questions and get academic support.