Meet your faculty at SLU

Your faculty at SLU have a wealth of experience and come from diverse backgrounds; many have studied internationally themselves. They have a passion for teaching, encouraging students to think on a deeper level and going beyond academics to solve real-world problems. This is why they are the perfect mentors to help you work towards achieving your academic potential.

To make sure you are ready to graduate, your faculty will guide you to make the most of your higher education journey, ensuring that you feel supported along the way. This experience will include:

  • Access to a student center, career services and involvement in study groups
  • A well-rounded approach to teaching subject-specific coursework
  • Classes of no more than 30 students for English language teaching

Who should I go to for help?

Studying abroad at SLU comes with support not only from your faculty and INTO staff, but also from your tutors. You can come to them with any questions, and they will help you find the answers. Our tutors are experienced staff members with a variety of backgrounds who can help you in both your English classes and your major-specific courses. Our services are available free of charge and help you with:

  • Practicing your English skills
  • Understanding homework assignments
  • Engaging in critical-thinking and problem-solving in class

Other academic support you can expect includes:

  • Peer-to-peer and one-to-one language support
  • Access to the English Language Center
  • Wellness programs