Living well

SLU is focused on creating meaningful environments that support your growth and development. Priorities include providing you safe and secure housing, facilitating experiences to assist your understanding of self and others and discerning what it means to live within community. Every effort is made to foster communities that are healthy, inclusive learning environments that support you during your matriculation through SLU. Learning Communities will assist you in all aspects of your life through creating a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Once you arrive at SLU

You likely have a dozen questions about what you can expect while studying abroad at an American university. We understand that. What will housing be like? What classes will you take? How will you meet domestic and international students? Orientation at SLU answers all your questions. It also provides a safety net for your first days on campus. Let us guide you through the new student journey, with services available to help you get settled.

Academic support at SLU

Saint Louis University (SLU) provides many academic resources, facilities and services to help you succeed. You'll enjoy many educational services such as major exploration, three libraries, tutoring services, writing services and supplemental instruction. SLU provides access to facilities that include state-of-the-art technology classrooms. You can download the mobile app to help plan your day and on-campus transportation can take you anywhere you need to go!

More about our faculty

Your life on campus

Student life is about more than being a student. We know that, and we help you live that out. With specialized attention on the whole person, we want you to feel supported being our true self: socially, culturally, spiritually. We welcome all walks of life, faiths and backgrounds. We support our students and provide many avenues to help you feel at home here.

Social and cultural support

Our programs help you meet students from all over the world and from every US state. We provide activities that help you get involved on campus and in the St. Louis community. We provide programs and services for your social, physical, personal and academic well-being. Our job is to make sure you are as successful outside the classroom as you are inside. We want you to make the most of your experience with us!