Meet your faculty at Suffolk University

Your faculty at Suffolk University have a wealth of experience teaching and working within an international setting. This is why you will benefit from the different perspectives that they bring to the classroom.

By attending an established private university like Suffolk, you will:

  • Be included in small-sized classes that enable individualized attention to help set you up for success.
  • Connect with one of 100+ student groups, including numerous international clubs and organizations.
  • Receive assistance with immigration issues and cross-cultural communication.
  • Participate in class visits to companies that lead to networking opportunities for future projects and internships.
  • Work with industry leaders to help you build a professional network to start your career.

Global Experts

Get connected with experts in your field. Our world-renowned faculty members are published regularly in top-tiered journals. Their research helps them stay on top of the latest developments in business, and they pass that knowledge on to you.

Industry Professionals

Almost 25% of our faculty in the Sawyer Business School are non-tenure track— meaning they’re actively involved in business, government, healthcare and nonprofit communities. Many also serve on corporate or nonprofit boards, consult, or are members of professional associations. The result? They’re able to incorporate their real-life experiences into your coursework.

Experiential Learning

Make the most of career opportunities. Gaining experience in a work environment is a great way to make the most of studying abroad. Your education will come alive in a city full of internships and volunteer programs that deepen your studies. Our proximity to major media outlets, theatre companies, sports teams, startups and Fortune 500 companies gives you access to inspiring industry leaders and innovators.

Who should I go to for help?

Tutoring services are available to international students on campus, at no cost to you. Find a tutor who can help you practice your English skills, complete a homework assignment; and develop research skills for your area of study. Need personalized attention? That's why they are here to help. Your tutors will ensure your academic success because they understand what it's like to study as an international student. Here, you can expect to:

  • meet with your tutor outside of class for one-on-one instruction
  • get language support for your academic English classes
  • practice English with your tutor and other international students

Other academic support you’ll receive includes:

  • support developing your research skills
  • academic advising choosing your classes
  • help with editing essays