University of Arizona looking out of window

The Microcampus Experience with the University of Arizona

With a University of Arizona Global Direct online degree your campus is where you are! Prefer the comforts of home? That's OK, you'll still be supported by UA's Think Tank online tutoring services, alumni careers mentors, and Academic Success Specialists.

Meanwhile, those students wishing to experience a more immersive university life close to home can benefit from one of UA's Microcampus experiences. Offering anything from a full on-campus facilities and student accommodation, to vibrant co-working spaces, the global network of university partnerships located in 650+ locations worldwide means that you can enjoy a more traditional study experience and earn your degree without having to travel to the US. Talk to an enrolment advisor to learn more about UA's Microcampus experiences.

Cuisine that is truly global

When you choose a Microcampus experience, you can take advantage of the additional food options that brings, including continuing to enjoy your favourite home cuisine. Food and drink options vary according to the Microcampus you select. Talk to your enrolment advisor for more information.