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Student support

Dedicated to your success

Both INTO UEA and the University of East Anglia will provide you with a range of world-class support.

Support at INTO

We believe that it's the people that make the difference. That's why your Student Services team is the best there is.

Support with university applications

We're here to help you make the best possible choices for your future academic success.

Services include:

  • one-to-one student counselling to decide on the best course for your needs
  • practical assistance with all stages of the university application process
  • preparation for university interviews
  • assistance attending university open days and higher education fairs
  • help finding an alternative university place if you need to consider other options

Visa workshops offer information, support and guidance on renewing your student visa. And individual appointments are available for more specific advice.

Support with student life

When you arrive at the INTO Centre, the Student Services team will help you settle in to student life in Norwich. And they'll remain your first point of contact for a range of non-academic issues.

You'll be given a 24-hour emergency telephone number for complete peace of mind. There are also residential assistants in all student residences.

Language advisors speak a range of languages including Chinese, Russian and Arabic. They're here to help you if you don’t yet feel confident communicating in English.

Support at the University of East Anglia

Once you've progressed to UEA, you'll be able to take advantage of a wide range of excellent learning and living support services. This includes information on Tier 4 visas and advice for any immigration issues you may encounter.

The Learning Enhancement Team offers expert guidance on studying more effectively and improving your work. They can assist with developing your study skills, mathematics and statistics abilities, academic writing, and use of English. They also offer confidential advice for students with learning difficulties.

UEA is also dedicated to supporting your life outside of the classroom. They offer an proactive approach to wellbeing for anyone who feels that they aren't fully participating in the university experience.

International Student Advisors are on-hand to discuss any personal concerns you may have. You can also take part in a buddy scheme designed to help answer any questions, and join in with an exciting programme of local and national activities.

For any physical concerns, the University Medical Services provides healthcare for students including physiotherapists. And a pharmacy and dental practice is conveniently located just a minute away from the INTO UEA Study Centre and accommodation.


Saem Kim (Republic of Korea)

"We discussed which universities I was considering and she helped me to decide which ones I wanted to apply to based on my predicted grades."

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Meet Saem Kim from the Republic of Korea, who graduated with a 2:1 in MPharm Pharmacy from UEA.

How do you feel that INTO prepared you for university?

INTO taught me everything that I needed for my university course, like how to write essays, how to write a lab report and how to do a presentation. I was quite nervous before I started my course, because I had never studied academically in the UK before. But I had no need to be worried, as my INTO course prepared me very well.

What help did you receive from INTO with your university application?

We had a session with the Admissions team about how to apply for universities via UCAS. Plus my English tutor helped me out with my personal statement. It wasn't just one-off help - my tutor would meet with me regularly to check on how I was doing. We discussed which universities I was considering and she helped me to decide which ones I wanted to apply to based on my predicted grades. That was very helpful, because it meant that I didn't waste an application on a course that wasn't right for me.

What do you think is the best thing about studying at INTO?

All of the staff at INTO really care about their students. They always take care of you, they are always there when you need help. When you need someone to talk to, if you are feeling homesick or stressed, you can just give them a call or go and see someone. It's helpful, because as a new student here you need some time to settle in and the staff will support you all the way.

Another great thing about INTO is that it is based on the UEA campus, so it's easy for you to meet local students who study at the University before you actually go there yourself. You can even join the clubs and societies, which is great way to make friends and do some extracurricular activities. It's also a great way to improve your English language skills.

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Students under the age of 18

Before we accept a student under 18 years of age, parents must sign a consent form authorising nominated staff to act in loco parentis (on behalf of the parent/carer) in the case of an emergency.

Parents are also required to complete a medical information form. Relevant forms will be sent to parents and the student with the confirmation documents. No student will be accepted without these forms having been completed and returned to us before the start of the course.

We recommend that parents appoint a UK-based guardian for international students under 18. If parents are making their own arrangements for either guardianship services or a friend or family member in the UK to act as guardian to the student, evidence of these arrangements must be supplied before the course starts.

Please contact us for further details.