Gain experience in the work place

Once you start your degree at the University of Gloucestershire, you’ll be able to apply for an internship placement though Your Future Plan.

They’ll guide you on suitable placements that match up with your degree. They can also help you write your CV (resume) and prepare for job interviews.

An internship is a great way to enhance your CV or resume. And, gain real world experience of the industry you want to work in.

You’ll be able to network with local businesses and meet new people outside of university life. You’ll also gain insight into what it's really like to work in your chosen industry.

It's not just your employability you’ll be enhancing, you’ll also gain confidence and discover more about what you want out of your career.

Employers are local companies from all industry backgrounds. These can include roles within the university, accounting, local council, marketing, social media and many more.