Meet your faculty at the University of South Florida

Your faculty at USF will say that they love the unique perspectives international students bring to the classroom. Your professors aim to create an engaging learning environment, encouraging you to reach your academic potential. For this reason, they are the perfect leaders to learn from and work with. Studying here, you’ll benefit from their knowledge and passion for research and creation.

By the time you graduate, you will have gained the ideas and skills to excel in your future studies and career. Your experience will include:

  • state-of-the-art labs and research centers
  • a research-led approach to teaching subjects
  • small class sizes of no more than 15 students for English language teaching

Questions with a USF teacher

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We spoke to Krista who works at INTO USF teaching English to International Students about what her job involves...

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Who should I go to for help?

As an international student at USF, you'll have our full support in your academic pursuits from faculty and staff, as well as your tutors at university. If you need help after class ends, turn to our Learning Resource Services at USF, which are free to students. We'll help you work through a challenging math problem, communicate the criteria of an essay or even just practice English with you. Your tutors understand your unique situation as an international student, and our diverse and friendly staff will help you through any academic challenges you face. Our tutoring services include:

  • guidance preparing for an exam, GMAT or IELTS test
  • subject-specific tutoring in your area of study
  • one-on-one or group English skills practice

Other support you'll receive includes:

  • additional classes to complement your core study
  • guidance to expand your research skills
  • choosing your classes and path of study