What is studying at INTO University of Stirling like?

At INTO University of Stirling, we are invested in your future. You'll benefit from our patient and experienced teachers who understand the needs of international students, as well as other supportive staff in the Centre.

In our contemporary INTO Centre, you'll learn about your chosen academic subject, increase your confidence with the English language, and learn the study skills that you'll utilise once you progress to university.

Who will teach me at the INTO Centre?

Your teachers at the INTO Centre understand how challenging it can be to learn in a new study environment, so they will help you get accustomed to the new education system from your first class. They will prepare you for university learning, often offering individual attention.

How will I be supported at the INTO Centre?

From start to finish, you have our support. We’re committed to making sure you have the best university experience possible. Your academic tutors will be there for you to answer any questions about your course, and INTO Centre staff are there every day if you need to talk to someone.

What can I expect from the Scottish education system?

A typical undergraduate degree in Scotland lasts four years, while a postgraduate degree lasts one year. This study length could increase for specialised medical and health degrees or if you take an option with a placement year or a year abroad.

As an INTO University of Stirling student, you will add additional preparatory study time to your degree programme. The amount of time will depend on the programme you choose.

An undergraduate preparation programme will add 2, 3 or 4 terms (approx. 6, 9 or 12 months) of study time, while a postgraduate preparation programme will add 3 terms (approx. 9 months) of study time.

Terms are periods of time that your study programme is broken up into across the academic year. During this time, you will attend classes. Between each term, you will have a few weeks without classes to take a break, study independently and work on assignments.

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How and when will I receive feedback?

You’ll meet with your Personal Tutor regularly to receive feedback, discuss your progress and talk about any issues that may arise. You’ll take class tests in each of your modules to keep track of your progress and so your teachers can give you constructive feedback. At the end of each term you’ll receive a report that summarises your progress, and then at the end of the academic year you’ll receive a final transcript that shows your grades.

What is expected of me during my INTO programme?

You are expected to attend all timetabled classes, be aware of any changes to your class time or room and attend any other events set by INTO, such as extra classes. If you know that you will miss a class due to illness or another reason, you should contact your INTO Centre to let them know.

We encourage you to be actively involved in every part of your studies by preparing in advance for your lessons, asking and answering questions in class and working with your classmates.

How and when I will receive my timetable?

The Academic Support Officer at the INTO Centre will make your timetable. If you have specialist modules to choose between, you will be able to choose them during your induction.

You will receive your timetable as a hard copy and it will be displayed around the INTO Centre during your first week. You’ll also be able to access the whole timetable on Canvas – Stirling’s virtual learning environment. Your timetable will change every term and any changes will be clearly communicated to you.