Combining highly qualified teaching staff with a great location, a focus on employability plus brilliant resources and modern study areas, the INTO City, University of London Study Centre will be the hub of your learning experience.

With access to e-learning tools, extensive library facilities and dedicated support, you'll be a part of a dynamic learning environment from the minute you arrive at INTO City, University of London.

由教育部学生处监管(OfS) INTO City, University of London is regulated by the Office for Students (OfS). The OfS aims to help students succeed in Higher Education by ensuring they receive excellent information and guidance and get a high quality education that prepares them for the future, while protecting their interests. For more information, visit Office for Students.

Employability focus

On the edge of London’s financial district, INTO City is perfectly located for career-focused students – you’ll be immersed in professional life, with plenty of potential employers on your doorstep!

To help set you on the path to career success, INTO City is embedding employability into its English for Academic Purposes module across all pathway programmes – helping you develop the language competency and transferrable skills and competencies you need for a highly successful career.

Not only that, but you’ll also build a career development portfolio to showcase your employability skills, meaning you’ll stand out when applying for internships and placements.



  • 每个教室配备台式计算机并与数码白板相连,使课程真正地具有互动性
  • 多功能报告厅
  • 最先进的IT和多媒体设施

你可以使用Moodle虚拟学习系统,在这里下载课堂笔记和课程内容。 Additionally, teaching of the International Foundation programme is supported by the use of tablet computers (such as iPads) to enhance your classroom experience through digital learning.


The Learning Resource Centre is situated on the first floor of the INTO City, University of London Centre. This study space is where you'll find materials to aid your studies including textbooks, DVDs, CDs, newspapers, and printing and scanning facilities.

此外,距离伦敦学习中心步行25至30分钟即可到达大学图书馆。大学附近还有Barbican图书馆和City Business图书馆,交通便利,对大众开放。





  • 城市图书馆(CityLibrary) - 大学图书馆拥有超过35万本书籍、2万5千份期刊和专业藏书。
  • 城市体育场(CitySport) - 这是伦敦市中心最大的学生体育场,配有新型体育和健身中心所需的所有现代化高科技设施。
  • 德莱斯代尔大楼(Drysdale Building) - 设在这里的职业服务办公室,是你的一站式职业咨询中心,能够为你提供择业咨询,并帮助你提升就业竞争力。
  • 工程实验室 - INTO工程方向衔接课程的学生都能使用。实验室中有驾驶舱,运动模拟器,风洞,微型涡轮机,光学压缩机等。

中心主任: Karen Bridges

中心地址: INTO City, University of London, 102 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7EZ

电话: +44 203 752 2200

邮箱: intocity@intoglobal.com


Independent School Inspectorate (ISI)

ISI,私立学校监察局(Independent School Inspectorate),是政府授权的监察机构,代表教育部保证学校质量。 他们的责任是确保在国内外学校和学院中就读的儿童和年轻人有安全保障,并接受高质量、高效的教育。他们希望学校能在世界领先的监察方式和服务下不断进步。