Study in Scotland: from our study center to world-class universities

充满活力的城市。友好的文化。卓越的大学。为什么选择苏格兰作为留学目的地。如何做出理想的大学选择是艰难的 – 这是我们存在意义。我们将帮助你找到理想的大学和专业课程。


  • __你有诸多大学选择。__我们的国际预科课程得到了苏格兰顶尖大学的认可。我们保证你将会收到来自斯特灵大学的本科学位课程录取通知,或斯特拉斯克莱德大学的录取通知。了解更多关于大学的选择
  • __你将获得量身定制的升学支持服务。__为帮助你实现目标,我们的学生支持团队将为学生定期提供一对一服务:从参观我们的合作大学到大学大师班,再到为你的申请提供全方位指导以及更多。了解更多关于安置支持的信息
  • __在苏格兰核心位置学习和生活。__斯特灵中心方便的交通网络,让你的旅行畅通无阻。享受英国快速铁路服务:从格拉斯哥到爱丁堡 – 位列全英前三的学生城市 (2022年QS最佳学生城市排名)– 来丰富你的留学体验。了解更多关于苏格兰的居住信息

INTO Stirling: your pathway to top Scottish universities

Discover the INTO Center – the heart of your pathway experience on the University of Stirling’s 330-acre campus. Equipped with modern learning facilities, this is where most of your classes will take place.

Stirling: a student-friendly city in the heart of Scotland

Relaxed, yet lively. Cultured, yet youthful. Stirling has the vibrant energy that comes with a large student community, but with a peaceful environment to help you focus on your studies. Located in the heart of Scotland, you'll be perfectly situated to enjoy all that wider Scotland offers, too.

  • Stirling is one of the happiest UK cities (Rightmove Happy at Home Index 2021), with students accounting for 20% of its residents.
  • Travel around Scotland with ease from Stirling's central location – there are quick rail links to large cities including Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  • With short flights to hundreds of destinations including London and Amsterdam, you’re well connected with the rest of the UK and Europe.


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Supporting your study journey in Scotland


  • 帮助开设银行帐户并完成医生登记
  • 专业的签证和移民指导
  • 为18岁以下学生提供额外支持
  • 24小时电话咨询热线,在非工作时间帮助你解决问题


Your home on the University of Stirling's campus

The University of Stirling's safe student residences are on campus and just a five-minute walk from the INTO Center. You’ll access:

  • a private study bedroom with free Wi-Fi and an ensuite bathroom
  • a shared kitchen and living area with a sofa and TV
  • laundry facilities just a two-minute walk from your accommodation
  • staff available 24/7 to offer guidance and extra support for students under 18.