What student support does INTO UEA offer?

Both INTO UEA and the University of East Anglia will provide you with a range of world-class support. We believe that it's the people that make the difference. That's why your Student Services team is the best there is. When you arrive at the INTO Centre, the Student Services team will help you settle in to student life in Norwich and they'll remain your first point of contact for a range of non-academic issues.

What will happen when I arrive at INTO UEA?

From the moment you arrive, we'll be there to support you. If you'd like us to meet you at the airport, we can be there. If you need to register with the police, you don't need to worry about finding the police station – we'll bring a police offer to the INTO Centre for you to meet and register with.

You’ll take part in an orientation programme in your first week to give you the chance to meet other students, help you settle in and give you all the information you need. You’ll be shown around the UEA campus, have your questions answered and attend social events. This is a great time to join a sports club or society to meet UEA students.

How will the INTO Center support me academically?

Our teachers understand your needs and are dedicated to your success. At the beginning of your course, you’ll be told who your Personal Tutor is. You’ll meet with them in your first week.

You can approach your Personal Tutor for help with any academic questions or personal issues at any time throughout your studies. They’ll help you settle into life in Norwich, monitor your academic progress, and can refer you to additional academic and welfare support if needed.

How will the INTO Center support me with learning English?

Language advisers are available in the Center to help students with a low level of English to communicate. A Chinese Language Support Officer is also on-hand to provide dedicated language support to Chinese students. Other language support services include:

  • extra support classes
  • weekly helpdesk session where you can ask questions and get academic support following lectures and seminars
  • online support (for Academic English)
  • revision sessions.

How will the INTO Center support me with student life?

In the courtyard, you’ll find the Courtyard Office. Here, Social and Welfare Officers are there to support you with any non-academic problems. You can visit them to get help with renewing your visa, to book travel tickets back home or across the UK, or to ask them for advice on social situations. Whatever your issue, they are committed to supporting you – even if you lock youself out of your room!

Once you’ve finished studying, there’s a games console in the reception area that’s free for you to play with your friends. If gaming isn’t your thing, the Centre runs regular movie nights, craft nights and seasonal events (such as pumpkin carving at Halloween and dumpling making for Chinese New Year) to keep you entertained after studies. Around exam time, they schedule in bite-size support sessions that focus on managing anxiety, mindfulness and planning.

Need extra help settling into university life?

The University of East Anglia's Students' Union has a special 'buddy(su)' programme which is designed to help you settle into the campus life easier. If you apply for the scheme in your first year, you will be matched up with a buddy who has similar interests as you. They will:

  • support you in making the most of your time here
  • be there to answer any questions you may have
  • introduce you at social events and group study sessions
  • help you get to know other students at UEA